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Real inspiration and innovation strikes us in whispers and subtle intuitions. To raise the frequency and intensity of these whispers, practice Nitaai Vibrations daily. You will quickly turn yourself into a walking powerhouse of unimaginably creative ideas.
We, at Antistress Foundation, believe in the great power of the internet to help millions online to become stress-free and blissful by Nitaai Vibrations. We don’t expect anything in return except a stress-free smile on your faces after practicing it. That is why we share and transmit Nitaai Vibrations for free online, so that they can reach and help every single person on this planet. In real life antistress retreats, which we also conduct side-by-side, we reach only some handful of people, and that too after weeks of tireless organizational efforts and resource management.
The best revenge on those who deliberately harm us is to disconnect from them and forget them forever. So many hurt us nowadays in different ways. How many will we take revenge against? Will we allow our lives to be dictated by those who hurt us and in this way keep on living in their shadows? I think not. Instead, we should channelize that rage internally for self-betterment, which is exactly what Nitaai Vibrations do.
A setback in life is a setback only if you don’t consider it as a valuable lesson which you just had to learn in life. Even if it has been a great loss in your life, the fact is that you are still alive and have a future waiting for you in the precise way you will make it. So just let it go! Start looking forward to the future with the ultimate optimism which is generated by the regular practice of Nitaai Vibrations.
The smarter you get, the less you speak and the more you do! Example speaks louder than words. Empty vessels make a lot of noise. Work hard and nothing is unattainable. Especially, if you have the full power of the cosmos and your inner nature behind you, due to your regular practice of Nitaai Vibrations.