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Nitaai Kumar
Let your dreams change your reality and not vice versa. Don’t give up on your dreams just because they look impossible to achieve right now. Successful people are those who strived even in the worst odds. And don’t be shy to take the help of Nitaai Vibrations to achieve these dreams. The cosmic frequencies of Nature in the form of the Nitaaaaaaaaai sound boost the probability of our success exponentially.
Nitaai Kumar
The people in your life should be the cause of reducing your stress, not increasing it. Those are our real friends. They adjust and go out of their way to decrease our stress. Meet up with them offline or online and try resonating, singing or listening to Nitaai Vibrations together. Your joy will turn into sheer bliss and stress will become a thing of the past.
Nitaai Kumar
Don’t live only with the hope to enjoy in the future. That may never materialize. Start enjoying today, right now! Live in the moment. Live and enjoy daily as if it is your last day. The Nitaaaaaaaaaai sound, which is the bliss of Nature and the Cosmos, is available to you 24/7. Resonate it, listen to it in the background, and share it to enliven your life and enjoy even the most boring tasks in the day.
Nitaai Kumar
Our kids and youth have a developing brain, heart and bodies; which need both physical and emotional nourishment and enrichment. Sound can reach all the organs of the body through our ears. Thus Nitaai Vibrations is the panacea in today’s fast-moving world to sustain, protect, and enliven every single molecule in their bodies and prevent degradation, thereby unfolding a very bright future for our youth.
Nitaai Kumar
There are two ways of solving problems. Either find solutions to each one of them individually or find an universal solution which fixes all problems. Such a solution has to have its roots in Cosmic Nature, since it is everywhere. And that is precisely what Nitaai Vibrations is. Strike down and uproot all your problems in just one stroke by resonating, listening to, and sharing Nitaai Vibrations daily.