1. Nitaai Kumar

    🎬 👍 35 First-Try Testimonials of Nitaai Vibrations

    Mind-blowing true testimonials from those tried it on noisy streets and only for a few times. This video shows the acid test of the effectiveness of Nitaai Vibrations. Those who tried it only for a few times for the first time in their lives and that too on noisy streets of Rishikesh could still...
  2. Nitaai Kumar

    🎬 🎵 🌇 📝 About Nitaai Vibrations

    Antistress Foundation presents Nitaai Vibrations, which are based on the following 7 Sciences of: Nature. Sound. Resonance. Music. Mindfulness. Breathing. Anatomy. What are Nitaai Vibrations? Nitaai Vibrations are based on the following universal meanings of the “Nitaai” soundin Sanskrit...