1. Vishesh Bansal

    Nitaai Vibrations helped me

    I have tried Nitaai Vibrations and it really helps me and makes my mind relax. After coming in contact with Nitaai Vibrations for some time, I feel as if my surroundings has changed and some burden,which was there, has lifted now. It is so nice that it does not require any special effort in...
  2. Matus Kmit

    Software engineer inspired and driven by Nitaai Vibrations

    My name is Matus Kmit. I am a software engineer living in Switzerland and currently working for an art school. I grew up in Slovakia. I came across Nitaai Vibrations first time already some years back and have been practicing it on a daily basis since approximately two years now. I am also a...
  3. Vishal Gandotra MD

    Vishal Gandotra MD, Las Vegas, Recommends Nitaai Vibrations

    I am a board certified Gastroenterologist practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada, with fifteen plus years of clinical experience. I do see a large number of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) patients in my practice. A significant number of patients don’t get good...
  4. Nitaai Kumar

    Share Your Daily Nitaai Vibrations

    Nitaai! Let us begin the new year of 2019, with a new year’s gift for our own selves. A commitment to try our best to practice Nitaai Vibrations for some time daily as much as possible, for nourishing our nature and for the daily empowerment to fulfil our ambitions. In this thread, to inspire...