1. Nitaai Kumar

    🗣 📝 How to Deal with Insults With The Help of Nitaai Vibrations

    Insults can be of various kinds which include physical, verbal, direct, indirect etc. Most of the time they are verbal which is directed to one’s self esteem. Indirect verbal insults are jokes with puns and ironic statements, imitating with stress on the flaws, and false praise. There are...
  2. Nitaai Kumar

    🗣 📝 Nitaai Vibrations for Anger Management

    Being emotionally healthy is essential for any achievement. You may count till ten, hit a pillow or go inside a car and scream. These are some of the conventional anger management techniques you might have heard and tried. For some people though, these methods don't work. They are outdated, and...
  3. Nitaai Kumar

    📈 📝 How To Become Intuitive by Nitaai Vibrations?

    What is intuition? The layman’s conception of intuition is an intervention of a supernatural force. Some others understand it as the brain is gauging situations at a subconscious level and sending hints. Generally intuition speaks before the analytical mind gets a chance to notice the signs or...