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About Nitaai Kumar

Nitaai Kumar is a Nitaai Vibrations’ voice healer and coach, an author, speaker, mindfulness mentor, sound therapist, empowerment trainer, enjoy-life motivator, breathtutor, life strategist, stress-relief guide, and a humanitarian. He has 30 years of experience in sound therapy for clarity in life, empowerment, healing, relationships, and enjoyment. He also volunteers as the webmaster at the Antistress Foundation (501c3 USA, Switzerland, Delhi). He is an MSc gold medalist in Physical Chemistry from IIT Bombay (1989-1994), a DSoT Certified Sound Therapist, and holds an MD in Yoga Therapy.

His Name Change

Nitaai Kumar shares his in-depth knowledge and experience of Nitaai Vibrations to improve people’s lives. For the past decade, Nitaai Vibrations have been consistently benefitting and empowering him on a daily basis. This is the reason behind his name change from Dhruvkumar to Nitaai Kumar, after joining as a volunteer at the Antistress Foundation. So Nitaai Vibrations is not named after him but he has named himself after Nitaai Vibrations. He is one of the volunteers of Antistress Foundation, just like everyone else.

What Changed Him?

After his friend committed suicide due to depression, Nitaai Kumar wanted to help others who suffer from stress. So he extensively explored innumerable types of wellness and relaxing meditations across many cultures. His search finally ended when he came across Nitaai Vibrations. He experienced first-hand that it was one of the most secret and effective healing practices in the world for the holistic well-being of humanity, both on an individual and collective level.

Trances in Childhood and Himalayas

From a tender age of five, he has had a singular attraction towards meditation. He would effortlessly enter rejuvenating meditative trances. He’s always had a strong wish to unfold the hidden secrets of nature for self-empowerment. He travelled throughout the Himalayas with his parents during his childhood in his quest to try all the different types of ancient meditations for self-improvement.

His Intense Practice Before Sharing

Nitaai Kumar’s intense practice of – and profound experiences with – Nitaai Vibrations made it clear to him that they contain many empowering and harmonizing energies of the universe. These vibrations soothe and rejuvenate the body on a molecular level.

Assisting Antistress Foundation

Practicing and assisting the many Antistress Foundation volunteers, sharers, and teachers of Nitaai Vibrations are the pristine joys of his life. Everyone he meets, he tries to enhance the quality of their lives – by sharing the infinite love, peace, and joy he himself feels in the Nitaai vibrations.

His Secular Service to Humanity

Nitaai is a calm, loving, polite, and genteel fellow, all thanks to his blissful practice of Nitaai Vibrations for many hours every day. He may have his other personal beliefs, but he keeps them strictly private while sharing the totally secular Nitaai Vibrations with one and all. Due to these selfless social welfare efforts of his, Nitaai Vibrations are now benefitting plenty of people on this planet irrespective of their beliefs, faith, color, race, country, gender, lifestyle, and point of view.

His Selfless Service

As his humble service to humanity, Nitaai Kumar’s sole aim is to inspire every single person on this planet to try the Nitaai Vibrations, which are based on the secular and universal Nitaai sound. He is happy to help everyone become stress-free, healthy, loved, calm, peaceful, blissful, successful, and mindful, and thus enjoy their lives to their fullest by practicing Nitaai Vibrations.
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Contact Me: 🗨 Ask by Replying in Any Thread (Fastest) 📩 Email Me 📞Call Me ( I changed my legal name from Dhruvkumar to Nitaai Kumar as a tribute to Nitaai Vibrations, since it has been immensely enhancing my life for more than 10 years now.


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