🏥 👍 Dr. Bettina Wolf from Switzerland shares Nitaai Vibrations with her patients

Dr Bettina Wolf

Dr Bettina Wolf

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Dr Bettina Wolf

Sickness, tolerance and resistance to medication, admission to the hospital, diagnosis, etc. can be factors of great stress – not only for the patient, but for the entire environment. The daily challenges, such as tensions, dissatisfaction, loss of values, ideals and visions, are much more profound and comprehensive.

I found and benefitted a lot from the simple sound vibrational technique of Nitaai Vibrations when I went to India. I’m now very happy and enthused to practice it and strengthen myself for my daily sustenance. Also, I make it a point to share it with my patients and friends.

I have seen that, as we access and build up our inner resources through regular Nitaai Vibrations; even when our normal breathing fails due to emotional imbalance, emergency situations, or at the extreme time of death in case of my terminal patients; we still find ourselves in calmness and in the harmony of the sweet rhythm of our inner and outer nature.

About Bettina Wolf, MD

Dr. Med. Bettina Wolf finished her medical studies and thesis at the University of Zurich. She is now working in various hospitals, handling emergency cases up to the terminal care of patients.

She likes conversations in different languages, did courses on “nonviolent communication” from Marshall Rosenberg, gives presentations and seminars on various medical topics, is a ski teacher, likes to travel to Asia, and finds great delight in Nitaai Vibrations.

PhD Thesis: Metabolic aspects of the phosphate substitution therapy during hypophosphatemia after kidney transplantation.


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