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Nitaai Kumar

Nitaai Kumar

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Nitaai! Let us begin the new year of 2019, with a new year’s gift for our own selves. A commitment to try our best to practice Nitaai Vibrations for some time daily as much as possible, for nourishing our nature and for the daily empowerment to fulfil our ambitions.

In this thread, to inspire our whole community of Nitaaians here on Nitaai.com to get the maximum out of Nitaai Vibrations, you can kindly share daily, regularly, occasionally, or even randomly about how long you could practice Nitaai Vibrations on a particular day or date and what benefits you experienced by it.

We grow by sharing. Nitaai Vibrations get exponentially magnified by sharing and touch everyone on this planet. So with much ado, I will let you all start sharing the duration and experiences from your Nitaai Vibrations in this thread, whenever you feel like and whatever you are comfortable with.
Aabha Bhalla

Aabha Bhalla

Nitaai Vibrations Support
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I try to do Nitaai Vibrations 15 min to 1 hour daily. We all are struggling to improve our relationships with our loved ones. Nitaai Vibrations unfurls our heart chakra making us more understanding, loving, and compassionate to everyone we meet. Seeing practical benefits of Nitaai Vibrations, I feel so encouraged to try to do it longer daily and share it to others too.
Matus Kmit

Matus Kmit

Nitaai Vibrations Pioneer
I have just finished doing 1 hour Nitaai Vibrations. I am feeling so content, inspired and rebalanced internally, as if I could take on any challenge which confronts me in the hours to come. :)💪 Actually, I am already looking forward to my next Nitaai Vibrations retreat, with just me and the Nitaaaaaaaaai sound resonation.


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