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■ ni= nisarga (nature in sanskrit) = nitui (bloom in latin) = mindfulness. ■ taa = taadaatmya (harmony) = taactus (feel) = peace. ■ i = indriya (senses) = ingenium (touch) = love & bliss.

NITAAI = TAP INTO NATURE = The harmony of our senses with our ● inner nature, ● nature around us, and the ● universal nature of the cosmos; enabling us to enjoy our lives to the fullest!

Nitaai Meditation can be practiced in six ways by 🗣 Resonating; 🎼 👂💃 Singing, Listening, and Dancing to (Musical); 👁 Visualizing; 🏃 Flowing; 😤 Breathing; and 🤗 Sharing Nature’s original cosmic sound and shape: NITAAI (निताइ). It helps to relax, heal, focus, empower yourself, enjoy, love, and get blissed in life. Visualizing Nitaai Meditation is also known as Nitaai Visualization and it specifically heralds money and prosperity in our lives.

Vishal Gandotra MD founded the Antistress Foundation (501c3 nonprofit) in USA; Matus Kmit founded the Antistress Society in Switzerland; and Nitaai Kumar, Mann Harjai, and Hemant Patel founded the Antistress Foundation in India to help every single person in this world become stress-free and happy by Nitaai Meditation.

Nitaai Meditation; as shared by Antistress Foundation, its above Founders, Nitaai Kumar, and the Volunteers via Nitaai.com; is a totally secular, non-religious, health-only, and wellness practice based on solely the secular meanings of the Nitaai sound.

Thus Nitaai Meditation, which is being given for free to all in public domain by the Antistress Foundation, can be universally practiced and taught as an add-on and copyright-free technique by every single person, group, school, studio, company, etc. on this planet; irrespective of one’s lifestyles, beliefs, faith, religion, and points of view.

It has absolutely zero rules or beliefs of its own. So everyone can comfortably practice it. It does not try to change or interfere with the lifestyle you want to live, or your points of view on any subject in life. It only helps you in achieving your dreams. Volunteers of the Antistress Foundation may have their own personal beliefs and lifestyles but they are expected to keep them totally separate specifically from their secular sharing of Nitaai Meditation.

Antistress Foundation is not a cult. It is purely a social welfare nonprofit organization. It does not have any controlling leaders, properties, centers, beliefs, rules, or lifestyles of its own; which may be misused. It focuses only on sharing the love of Nitaai Meditation to one and all. So it does not hoard the donated money or buy properties of its own from the donations.

It transparently uses all the resources only to share Nitaai Meditation for free online, one-to-one, and by conducting Retreats on invitation or in rented public venues. It also does not have any other business, commercial, or bureaucratic expansion agendas. Antistress Foundation is fully satisfied by sharing Nitaai Meditation for free to everyone with the help of whatever resources are provided to it through voluntary donations.

Nitaai Kumar has over 30 years experience in Sound and Shape Healing. He is the Lead Coach of Nitaai Meditation at Antistress Foundation and on Nitaai.com. He is an MSc IIT Bombay Gold Medalist, an MD in Yoga Therapy, a DSoT in Sound Therapy, and E-RYT 500 and YACEP from Yoga Alliance USA. He changed his legal name to Nitaai Kumar from Dhruv Kumar because Nitaai Meditation transformed his life.

He also writes and records public content in other genres with other pen names. But he keeps those genres completely separate from his secular sharing of Nitaai Meditation. He just wants to help enable a permanent antistress smile of peace, love, and joy on the face of everyone on the planet; through his secular sharing of Nitaai Meditation.

* In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the testimonials we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. We cannot guarantee that you will experience similar benefits from practicing Nitaai Meditation or Nitaai Visualization. Not everyone can expect these results, results will vary by person. The generally expected performance of Nitaai Meditation in regards to any specific disease has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures.. ⚠️ Disclaimer 🔒 Privacy Policy