LORD NITAI is God, Guru, Devotee, Devotion, and Balaram in One Form! Attain the Spiritual World at the End of this Very Life by Nitai Bhakti! Quickly Get Offenseless Love for the Hare Krishna Mahamantra by “निताइ” Airwriting and by Singing Nitai’s Glories!

SIX PRACTICES: Write “निताइ” in the air while visualizing its 10 strokes one by one; chant japa and kirtan of “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare”; sing, hear, or read Nitai’s names. prayers, glories, and pastimes; offer and eat Nitai-prasad; stay in or visit Ekachakra and Radha Kund; and share Harinam, Nitai Vayulekhan, Nitainam, Nitai Gita, and Nitai Bhagavat with everyone!

NITAI VAYULEKHAN: Write the 10 Sanskrit strokes of “निताइ” (the “Nitai” mantra in Sanskrit) one by one in the air in large size with your forefinger in the sequence shown while minutely visualizing every inch of each stroke via the persistence of vision as you write in the air in front of you. You can do it with closed, half-closed, or open eyes, whichever helps you to mentally or externally visualize each stroke in the most clearest manner. Repeat for at least one round (108 times) daily. You could do more rounds for increasing your offenseless love for Harinam and Gaur Radha Krishna even faster! You may rest your elbow on a surface while writing in the air, take breaks, do it at any time and place in any condition, remember the meanings of each stroke, and hear the Holy Names (but not chant or sing) while doing it (Vayu=Air, Lekhan=Writing).

HARINAM-SIDDHI BY NITAI VAYULEKHAN: Nitai Vayulekhan Mission is a non-profit charitable organization spreading Nitai Bhakti, which is the science of awakening the soul’s dormant loving relationship with God. Nitai Bhakti is the cultivation of Nitai Consciousness to bring about universal peace and harmony by ending every soul’s painful and endless cycle of birth, disease, old age, and death in this temporary material creation. It permanently takes the soul into both the eternal pastimes of Lords Nitai Gaur and Lords Radha Krishna in the spiritual creation at the time of death. It is based on the eternal absolute truth that ONLY the worship of the most merciful Lord Nitai through Nitai airwriting and the singing and hearing of Nitai’s names, glories, prayers, and pastimes quickly bestows Shuddha Harinam, Gaur Radha Krishna, and Radha Dasyam upon us.

NITAIPRESHTHJI BHAKTIRATNA SADHU: Tridandi Vaishnava Sannyasi Nitaipreshthji Bhaktiratna Sadhu (1971–present) is a thirty-eighth mantra-initiating spiritual master and monk in the unbroken Krishna Brahma Madhva Nitai Gauriya Vinoda Sarasvata disciplic succession (the Nitai Bhakti lineage) and a grand-disciple of Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati. He is the Founder Acharya of the Nitai Vayulekhan Mission, headquartered in Radha Kund, Ekachakra, and Puri. He is a globally renowned author, speaker, saint, guru, poet, philosopher, mystic, thinker, humanitarian, philanthropist, spiritual counsellor, ex-IITian, and a self-realized teacher and guide in the topmost science of Nitai Vayulekhan and the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. He is presently composing and recording Nitai Gita and Nitai Bhagavat while residing in Ekachakra (Jan-Jun) and Radha Kund (Jul-Dec), which are his life’s mission.

NITAI VAYULEKHAN MISSION: (1) • Ramachandra Ghera, Radha Kund, District Mathura, U.P. India 281504. (2) • Opposite Nitai Janmasthan Back Gate, Ekachakra, Birchandrapur, Birbhum, West Bengal, India 731245. (3) • Baliapanda, Near Gandhi Labour Foundation, Puri, Odisha, India 752001. For spiritual queries, darshan, meeting, accommodation, or other inquiries, please email: nitaivayulekhan@gmail.com. Phone/Telegram/Whatsapp: +91-8755570735 or telegram.me/nitaidas.